C. K. Pithawalla Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research

C. K. Pithawalla Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research

C. K. Pithawalla Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research

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Committed to promote high quality education, training and research in pharmacy to meet the needs of tomorrow’s healthy society.


To create an arena of the highest quality professional pharmacy education at all levels, to produce competent pharmacists with innovative skills

To establish Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program in the institution for practicing professionals to undertake the national task of education and research.

To strengthen the industry – institution interaction to explore, substantiate and integrate native medicinal knowledge with modern pharmaceutical technology.

To create a model pharmacy in the institution to strengthen the relation between public and pharmacy.

To provide excellent work environment and to promote technical Superiority.

To collaborate with national and international organizations for Outstanding educational / services / research programs.

Oath for Pharmacists

I promise to devote myself to a lifetime of service to others through the proferssion of pharmacy. In fulfilling this vow:

  • I will consider the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering my primary concerns.
  • I will apply my knowledge, experience and skills to the best of my ability to assure optimal outcomes for my patients.
  • I will respect and protect all personal and health information entrusted to me.
  • I accept the lifelong obligation to improve my professional knowledge and competence.
  • I will hold myself and my colleagues to the highest principles of moral, ethical and legal conduct.
  • I will embrace and advocate changes that improve patient care.
  • I will utilize my knowledge, skills, experiences and values to fulfill my obligation to educate and train the next generation of pharmacists.

I take these vows voluntarily with the full realization of the responsibility with which I am entrusted by the public.

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