About Research


To put in place a robust mechanism for developing and strengthening the research ecosystem within HEIs, aligned with the provisions of NEP-2020.


  • To create a conducive environment for enhanced research productivity.
  • To encourage collaboration across industry, government, community- based organizations, and agencies at the local, national, and international levels.
  • To facilitate greater access to research through mobilization of resources and funding.


Finance and infrastructure

  • The Finance and Infrastructure Committee provides an assurance on the development and delivery of key elements to facilitate research. It is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the financial, estates and digital infrastructure objectives of the RDC. Its aim is to ensure that the RDC is operating in line with strategic objectives of the Institute.

Research Program & Policy Development

  • This committee provides impetus to the research and development activities and to provide guidance, directions to the research community within the Institute. It has representation from all departments. The committee is a vibrant entity to discuss and propose R&D policy issues. The members highlight shortcomings in procedural matters and thus sharpen the performance of the RDC.

Collaboration & Community

  • The main responsibility of this committee is to establish collaboration with other universities, public and private sectors and identify R&D projects including consultancy services which could be undertaken at the institution. This committee will foster collaborations for mutual benefits and to maximize industrial connectivity.

Product Development, Monitoring & Commercialization

  • The committee is a hub for strategic partnerships/ collaborations, industry-institute interface, sponsored or contract research, new knowledge generation, technology transfer, and commercialization of research to facilitate innovation, incubation, entrepreneurship and start-up ventures.

IPR, Legal & Ethical Matters

  • This committee will function with the prime focus of enabling researchers to identify, generate and protect their intellectual property (IP) through filing procedures for rights like patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs, etc. This committee envision creating an environment for acquiring new knowledge through innovation, developing an attitude of prudent IP management practices and promoting an IPR culture compatible with the educational mission of the academic institution. This committee also provide advice and guidance to the academic community on all matters pertaining to academic research ethics.