Women Development Committee

WDC is framed to protect women’s right to gender equality and to provide a favourable environment for work/study and to provide a forum for women on the campus to share information and resources and exchange of ideas.

Role Member Name Designation Contact No Email
Chairperson Dr. Dhiren P. Shah Principal 9099063116 dhiren.shah@ckpipsr.ac.in
Convener Dr. Bhumika C. Desai Assoc. Professor 9879229825 bhumika.desai@ckpipsr.ac.in
Convener Ms. Pinal H. Sukharamwala Asst. Professor 910890568 pinal.sukharamwala@ckpipsr.ac.in
Non teaching Staff Member Mrs.Trupti C. Patel Lab Technician 994399573 tcpatel2016@gmail.com
Student Members Anali Sharma Student (Sem V) 9054718409 analisharma2002@gmail.com
Student Members Sonum Gupta Student (Sem V) 9662526145 sonagupta9622@gmail.com