• Create and sustain innovation and entrepreneurship culture in campus.
  • Streamline and strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in campus.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Establish Synergy and coherency among various departments and units and better mobile resources to support innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Plan, develop and support institution in formation and implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship policies at the institute level.
  • Plan and conduct various time-bounded innovation and entrepreneurship promotion activities round the year to generate awareness on innovation and startup.
  • Encourage, recognize and reward students, faculty members and staffs for their engagement, involvement and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship achievements.
  • Facilitate intra-institutional and inter-institutional interactions and partnership to promote interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary innovations and entrepreneurial teams.
  • Network, collaborate, and partnership with ecosystem enablers at the regional, state and national level and support system development to provide easy access to resource to innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Plan, build, manage and mobilize resources for the pre-incubation and incubation facility and service support creation.
  • Plan and conduct challenges, competitions, hackathons in the campus and encourage students to participate.
  • Create innovation repository of ideas, innovations, startups at the Institute level (YUKTI) and provide support to them and connect/linkage with ecosystem enablers for incubation, investment, IP and technology transfer service support.
  • Nominate faculty members of the IIC to undergo Innovation Ambassador Training and encourage them to perform post-training tasks such as delivering expert talks on innovation and startup, engage in mentoring role etc. as prescribed for the Innovation Ambassadors.
  • Train and build capacity of faculty members in innovation and entrepreneurship to play a hybrid role as mentor, drive IIC activities, innovator and entrepreneur.
  • Organize interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem enablers and create a pool of experts to mentor student innovators & entrepreneurs.
  • Extend mentoring support to other IIC institutions and encourage HEIs to join the IIC network.