Anti-Discrimination Cell

Anti-Discrimination Cell provides everybody with equal opportunity into its fold irrespective of caste, religion, language or based on gender. The institute ensure that every individual inside the institute exercise equal rights and acquire in the process of offering or receiving education. Any act, speech, or intention ensures that perturb the harmony among the people is seriously regarded and dealt on immediate basis to restore the peace.

In Compliance of UGC’s directives for prevention of caste based discrimination in Higher educational Institutions, a committee with the following members is hereby constituted to look into the complaints Of any act of discrimination against SC/ST/ teachers/ non-teachers staff:

Role Member Name Designation Contact No Email
Chairman Dr. Dhiren P. Shah Principal 9427474602
Vice Chairman Dr. Bhumikaben C. Desai Asso Prof 9879229825
Member Mrs. Prakruti K. Jadav Assist. Prof. 7567684027
Member Mr Yahya Ali Moolla (ADO) Assist. Prof. 7201932423
Member Ms. Kinjal S. Gamit Assist. Prof. 9687198278