Hobby Club

Hobby Clubs enable the students to relax and do something they enjoy and act as small breaks in between stress-filled and hectic academic life. Hobbies helps in all round development of the students and are also capable of learning things that the four walls of the classroom cannot. It will encourage students in extracurricular activities to refine their leadership and organizational management experience, explore interests and make friendship that will last a lifetime and make campus life fun. It will play important roles in building character and create opportunities to enhance leadership skills, encourage teamwork and instigate planning and strategies to overcome challenges and fair play all qualities one needs in day-to-day life.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To provide a platform to convert passion into profession for the students.
  2. To reenergize students
  3. To explore the hidden talents of students
  4. To nurture imagination and creativity among students
  5. To rediscover interests and strength of students.
  6. To Improve practical skills
  7. To provide break from strenuous Life
  8. To widen friend circle among having similar interests .
  9. To add strength in Curriculum vitae of students