Gender Sensitization Cell

Gender Sensitization Cell has been instructed to spread the message of Gender Equality in order to eliminate gender bias and gender insensitivity.

The Cell has also been mainly entrusted with taking up cases of harassment and atrocities on female teachers, employees and girl students, enquire and take appropriate action against the culprits.

Role Member Name Designation Contact No Email
Chairman Dr. Dhiren P. Shah Principal 9427474602
Vice chairman Mr. Nirmal T. Mehta Asst. Prof. 9978177944
Member Mrs. Prakruti K. Jadav Asst. Prof. 7567684027
Member Mrs. Trupti R. Patel Lab. Technician 9904399573
Member Mr. Nirav N.Patel Lab. Technician 9427520001
Member Khushi Gautam Student 8849427991