The Founder

Late Shree Chhotubhai K Pithawala

Late Shree C. K. Pithawala had been the driving force for the setting up of the Navyug Vidyabhavan Trust and continuously drawing inspiration from him.

We proudly take note of his multipronged educational and social services rendered selflessly and in the sprint of education. This institute of learning in particular, like many others, owes a great deal to his vision, understanding and missionary zeal right from its inception to its blossoming. This trust has been the fruition of his marathon efforts and huge financial aid without which this dream would have remained unrealized. His contributions in various spheres of Education, Sports, Relief, Culture, Health and Religion have been significant and praiseworthy.

Mr. C. K. Pithawalla’s benevolence, charity and philanthropic nature, simple humanity and unassuming personality can be conspicuously seen in many charitable and humanitarion tasks he has carried out, so successfully hugely benefitting the people at large. These would have surely remaind unaccomplished without the exalted use of wealth at his disposal and spirit of selfless service.

His doing "Karma" without expecting any return or material reward or seeking fame out of generous contributions in the noble and laudable cause of education is summed up in the message of the "Gita" which he has well imbibed. In a true Gandhian sense he is a "Trustee" or a "Keeper" of possession which he has been using for the benefit of the society. In that he is a true votary of Gandhian ideals and values of life.